Philippa Walker is the founder and lead makeup artist for I Am Makup Queenstown.  Philippa is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.     - photo courtesy of Still Vision Photography

Philippa Walker is the founder and lead makeup artist for I Am Makup Queenstown. Philippa is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  - photo courtesy of Still Vision Photography


After several years of studying and working in the makeup industry, Philippa decided to take a brief intermission from her passion, and adventure out to see the world. Philippa's travels took her around the globe, but when she arrived in New Zealand, she felt something different here then she had in other places. She felt a connection to the people, the culture and amazing landscapes, she felt something settling. She decided to set up camp.

Philippa had discovered a new love for adventure during her travels and took up working for adventure tourism giant, AJ Hackett Bungy, located in the stunning Queenstown (which required her to hurl herself of a bridge)! Over time she developed a deep bond with the region and eventually decided this is where she would like to call home.

As fate would have it, Philippa was offered a job working as a Makeup Artist for Queenstown's leading hair and makeup salon, Collective Hair and Makeup Professionals. This was perfect as it allowed her to follow her true passion of Makeup Artistry, and to continue living in the place that stole her heart.

Early in 2017 she was delighted to become a resident of New Zealand and this affirmed to her, this was home. It wasn't long after this, Philippa eagerly and enthusiastically took the next step in establishing herself, and founded I AM MAKEUP (I.A.M).


Philippa qualified as a Makeup Artist in 2007, upon completing a degree in Media Makeup in Somerset, England.  Since then, she has worked for various makeup companies including major leading brands MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

In 2008, Philippa worked with the makeup department in London for the BBC television show Silent Witness. This was her first taste of working in the TV industry as a makeup artist. It was here she furthered her hair and makeup skills for film and television. Later that year Philippa worked on more TV productions including historical drama documentary Ancient Mega Structures, produced by Darlow Smithson.  

Philippa continued to work in the TV industry in between her full time job at Bobbi Brown. In January 2010 Philippa was makeup designer working with Active Training UK for their short film on health and safety for Siemens Energy Services.

Later that year, she set out on her biggest adventure yet...New Zealand!